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"A searchable archive of the PARKINSN list" by Simon Coles.
Acetylcholine Receptors and How They are Blocked in Myasthenia Gravis
Activa DBS mailing list at www.egroups.com
An algorithm for the management of Parkinson's disease (1994 & 1998)
An algorithm for the management of Parkinson's disease. C Olanow MD, W Koller MD PhD. 1998
Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation, Inc., The
Balance, Northwestern University
Balance. D Givens, MS, PT, NCS
Better Health
Birmingham Hospital (U.K.) overview with film clip
Birmingham Hospital (U.K.) tutorial
Birmingham Hospital (U.K.) vascular pseudoparkinsonism case presentation
Bradykinesia. Health-center.com
Bruce Babbitt remembers Mo Udall (NPR radio program transcript)
Case studies in Parkinson's disease. D Silver MD
Chat room #parkinsons
Chat with medical professionals at webmd.com
Chemical in tobacco smoke may protect against Parkinson's (Reuters Health)
cnsonline = Parkinson's archives
Coffee and Parkinson disease: Is Starbucks the treatment? A Lieberman MD
CurePD-NorCal mailing list for San Francisco and northern California
Curing Parkinson's disease in our lifetime: Part 1. A Lieberman MD
Current science reviews. Abstracts of PD-related articles.
Current Science Reviews
Diagnostic criteria for Parkinson disease. D Gelb MD. Arch Neurol
Digital Imaging Unit(UIN), University Hospital of Geneva
Digital Imaging Unit, University Hospital of Geneva
Dopamine theory of Parkinson's disease, the. cognitive scientist A.P.M. van den Bosch
Dopamine transporter and spect imaging: a tool to monitor Parkinson's disease
Drug induced Parkinsonism. The Canadian Movement Disorder Group
Early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. D Silver MD
Exposure to home pesticides linked to Parkinson disease. J Stephenson PhD
Free screenings for Parkinson disease. P Nausieda MD
Friends of the National Library of Medicine
General suggestions. Parkinson Foundation of Canada
Genes and Disease - Parkinson's Disease
Genes and Parkinson's disease. D Calne MD, FRCPC
Genetic link in most people with young-onset Parkinson disease. A Lieberman MD
Genetics and environment in Parkinson's disease. J Hubble MD
Genetics and PD: research points to environmental causes. C Tanner MD PhD, J Langston MD
Graham C. Pluck's research into PD and apathy
HealthGuide Online
Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson's Disease
Infoseek List of Parkinson's related sites
Initiating therapy for Parkinson's disease. D Silver MD & S Ruggieri, MD
Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia Home Page
Interview with Carl Germano RD CNS LDN. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Interview with Dr. Lester Packer, 1 of 2. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Interview with Dr. Lester Packer, 2 of 2. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Interview with Dr. W. Pryor, 1 of 3. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Interview with Dr. W. Pryor, 2 of 3. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Interview with Dr. W. Pryor, 3 of 3. Solgar Vitaman and Herb Co.
Is Parkinson's disease inheritable? Health-center.com
james - a UK Parkinson's site
Journal of the American Medical Association
Kimball's biology pages (on-line general biology textbook)
Links to PWP web pages gathered by Janet Paterson
List of movement disorder specialists from the International Tremor Foundation
Long term care. Mr. Long Term Care
Management of the complicated patient. C Waters MD
Managing common adverse effects of levodopa. D Forzese. Amer Soc Consult Pharm
Managing medication. J Hamilton MD & K Yonkers MD. (not PD-specific)
Mass General Hosp Neurosurgery PD surgery info
Medical news for physicians
Medline Plus - PD
Medtronic "Activa" Parkinson's control. PR release reproduced at NPF site.
Medtronic "Activa" tremor control therapy
MGH Neurology web forum - top page
Micrographia. Health-center.com
Mitochondrial function and coenzyme Q10 in Parkinson's disease. C Shults, MD
More mutations, more light on Parkinson disease. A Lieberman
Movement Disorders, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Movement Disorders
NADH--a new therapeutic approach to Parkinson's disease. JGD Birkmayer MD, et al.
National human genome research

Park Dis+

New 5 year Study dealing with "freezing" in Parkinson's disease. J Hutton MD PhD
New and emerging therapies for Parkinson disease. J Jankovic, MD
Parkenson's teaching site
Parkinson alliance Links
Parkinson disease in twins. C Tanner, MD et al. JAMA
Parkinson Disease Info Center
Parkinson Information Exchange Network (PARKINSN mailing list), archive search
Parkinson Information Exchange Network (PARKINSN mailing list), on-line version
Parkinson Information Exchange Network (PARKINSN mailing list)
Parkinson Links
Parkinson Mailing List
Parkinson’s Disease Archive
Parkinson’s Glossary
Parkinson's Archive Treasures
Parkinson's Care
Parkinson's Digest
Parkinson's disease description from PDF
Parkinson's disease description from WEBMD
Parkinson's disease index (Wake Forest Univ. School of Med.)
Parkinson's Disease Index from Wake Forest/Bowman Gray
Parkinson's Disease Index
Parkinson's disease mailing list support group at www.egroups.com
Parkinson's disease. EMedicine.com. R Hauser MD & R Pahwa MD
Parkinson's Disease: A Thorough Review - Pharmacology and Legal Drugs - From About.com
Parkinson's Disease: Ask NOAH
Parkinson's disease: history, histopathology, and therapy, by J Nicolai
Parkinson's disease: hope through research. NIH
Parkinson's Disease: Hope Through Research
Parkinson's Disease: The AMEDEO Literature Guide
Parkinson's disease: what a nurse should know. M Lloyd RN PhD et al.
Parkinson's Disease:The Mystery, the Search, The Promise
Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Diseases Links
Parkinson's disease--the shaking palsy. S Conley MD et al.
Parkinson's in Halifax-Dartmouth
Parkinson's Information
Parkinson's Institute Glossary
Parkinson's News From The Front Line
Parkinson's Recovery Project
Parkinson's Resources
Parkinson's Web (at Massachusetts General Hospital)
Parkinson's Web Main Menu
Parkinson's Webring
Parkinson's: a medical management update. S Imke RN, MSN
Parkinson's: an industrial age disease (NPR radio program transcript)
PD INDEX: A directory of Parkinson's disease information on the Internet
Pesticide study aids Parkinson research. M J Friedrich
PharmInfoNet article on Parkinson's disease
Positron emission tomography and Parkinson's. D Eidelberg MD
Positron emissions tomography (PET scan). Health-center.com
Posture. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.
Practical guidelines for management of Parkinson disease. B Manyam, MD
Primary and secondary symptoms from APDA booklet coping with Parkinson's disease
Prognosis in Parkinson disease. P Nausieda MD
Progression of Parkinsonian signs in Parkinson disease. E Louis MD MS et al.
Protein redistribution from Parkinson's disease by A Lieberman MD
PSL Consulting Group doctor's guide
PT intervention in early Parkinson disease. M Schenkman, PhD, PT
Recently Published Medical Articles on Post-Polio Syndrome
Requip® ropinirole HCI
Research subject info at The Parkinson's Institute
Review of research on prevalence of PD in the US by two PWPs
Rigidity. Health-center.com
Santel Parkinson's Mail list
Serendip: a gathering place for people who suspect that life's insturctions ard always ambiguous and imcomplete.
Simon Coles' PD links
Speaking out. NPF on-line booklet. S Countryman, MA et.al.
Special Parkinson's Research Interest Group (SPRING) of Parkinsons Disease Society (UK)

Park Dis++

Special Parkinson's Research Interest Group (SPRING) of Parkinsons Disease Society (UK)
Stages of Parkinson Disease. NPF
Stages of Parkinson Disease. NPF
Support groups in Michigan
Support groups in Michigan
Support groups in Nebraska, Kansas So. Dakota and Iowa
Support groups in Nebraska, Kansas So. Dakota and Iowa
Support groups in San Diego County California
TASMAR® (tolcapone)
Team Dopamine Home Page
The "D" word and Parkinson disease. P Nausieda MD
The American Health Care Association [AHCA]
The art of treating Parkinson's disease: combining medications. R Kobayashi MD
The evolution of diagnosis in early Parkinson disease. J Jankovic MD et.al
The medical management of PD (1995). A Lieberman MD
The National Self-Help Clearinghouse. (not PD-specific)
The Parkinson's Web
Thomsen Disease CLC1 - GPI Program at NCGR
Tillison Research Center (Up-to-date research on any type of brain tumor)
Travel suggestions. Parkinson Foundation of Canada
Treatment. Parkinson Foundation of Canada
University of Southern California continuing education course on PD for pharmacists
Update on Parkinson's disease. R Young MD, MS. Am Fam Physician
Using the internet to find a physician to treat Parkinson's disease (PD Index)
WE MOVE list of professional organizations
What causes Parkinson's disease? Health-center.com
What everyone should know about Parkinson's disease. S Imke RN, MS
What is Parkinson's disease? A Lieberman MD
What is Parkinson's disease? Health-center.com
What is Parkinson's? Parkinson Foundation of Canada
What you and your family should know. P Nausieda MD & G Bock MSN, RN, CS
Who is affected by Parkinson's disease? Health-center.com
Young onset PD. E Bennion
Young Parkinson's Handbook
Young-onset Parkinson's disease. W Koller MD, PhD & J Hubble MD

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