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nobody could have told me about the special feeling I experienced: Here were people who knew what I was feeling without me having to try to explain, and invariably not succeed. Here were people who knew, before I did, how P-D was affecting every aspect of my life. It is bound to be the same for the partners of PYYP This breakout forum should be a valuable safety release for many if not all of the participants.


There will be two sessions to discuss personal negative, and positive, aspects-of PD; the first with everyone there, the second with partners in the breakout session. During the time between, everyone who does anything approaching a craft should please bring a sample for the rest of us to see; what you do may inspire someone else to take up a craft that she/he might not have had the confidence to pursue. Also, Jon Barlow will be available to discuss his ideas about keyboard therapy with all interested people.


There is so much more that goes on at our meetings. Serendipity plays a large part in their success, and it is always a player. Think of this: With two people there is one interaction, with three people, three interactions, with six people, thirty interactions are possible, and with forty people, over 1500 possible interactions. Every one of those interactions can lead to something special, and often does. So give yourself a chance to experience the serendipity firsthand.


If you are a support group leader please let those in your group who are not yet on our mailing list know about the meeting. We all benefit from as diverse a group as possible, and that goes for geographical spread as well as age, sex, time since diagnosis, and all of the other factors particular to each person.


Calling All Crafts people


At the October meeting we will have time during the break for anyone who practices a craft to show the rest of us what he/she produces. It could be any material such as fabric, metal, wood, clay, and any activity, such as sculpture, painting, carving. There is always the feeling that one doesn't want to display what she/he does because it is not good enough, not meant to be publicly shown, etc. Don't think that way' I think I speak for us all when I say that you will not be judged; rather you will be applauded for your efforts and very well might inspire others t-o take up a craft that they might have told themselves they were not capable of doing. Let's have a great turnout - who knows, we may start something. SW




At the Connecticut Valley Hospital, Middletown from 1 PM -> 3 PM. Directions to Connecticut Valley Hospital Haviland Ha1l, Middletown. CT


From Route 9 Southbound: -


Exit 12 - Silver Street exit, then left onto Silver Street. Take first right onto Eastern Drive. (Go left at main entrance onto Flood Dr. (greenhouse on right hand side). Follow Flood Dr. to first stop sign; at stop sign (in front of daycare center, take a right onto Harvey Drive. Entrance to parking area is after daycare center on left. Haviland Hall is directly across from parking area


From Route 9 Northbound:


Exit 12 - Bow Lane. Right at the exit onto Bow Lane, left onto Harvey Drive.


Parking area is on your right Haviland Hall is directly across from parking area


The Agenda:


- General discussion

- Break with craft sharing, Jon Barlow available

- Divide into two groups, PWP and partners


- Entire group again, planning for the future, suggestions, ideas, adjourn. Complementary drinks supplied by Brian Clark's employer Crystal Roe~


If there are any questions you may email Jackie Dorwin at, telephone 203.453.2655, or Stan Wertheimer at, telephone 860.572.9965.