Problems Associated with PD

Abnormal involuntary movements (dyskinesia). P May MD

Aches and pains. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Acute confusion in the elderly. G Hall ARNP, CS, MA, B Wakefield RN, MA. (not PD-specific)

Acute Dystonic Reactions

Acute Pain Management Manual

Agitation in older persons with dementia. (not PD-specific)

Anxiety and Parkinson's disease. I Richard MD and R Kurlan MD

Article on depression, anxiety and dementia. D Folks MD

Autonomic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease often unrecognized. R Pfeiffer MD

Bladder problems in Parkinson disease. C Singer MD

Changes in bowel habits. From Parkinson's disease by R duvoisin and J Sage.

Chronic Pain - Health Communication

Co-existing depression and dementia.

Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute/Anita Freeman's nutrition supplement program

Cognitive impairment and the brain dopaminergic system in Parkinson disease. O Rinne

Communication and Neuroscience, Keele University

Communication and swallowing. I Maybruck EDD

Conjunctivitis. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Constipation in the elderly. D Schaefer MD & L Cheskin MD

Constipation pointers. Univ. of Cincinnati/APDA


Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Delirium: a patient and family guide

Dementia in Parkinson's disease. A Lieberman MD

Depression and anxiety in Parkinson's disease-Under-recognized symptoms

Depression Central. Dr. Ivan Goldman's depression meta-site

Depression in Parkinson's disease. A Lieberman MD

Depression in Parkinson's disease. J Hubble MD.

Depression in primary care: volume 1. detection and diagnosis (AHCPR)

Depression: combination therapies. C Bowden MD

Difficulty sleeping. A Lieberman MD

Difficulty with speech.


Dysphagia: Difficulty swallowing.

Dystonia article by patient Margaret Wojtarowicz

Dystonia article by The Canadian Movement Disorder Group

Dystonia fact sheet. Neurology Dept., Univ of Kansas Med Ctr

Dystonia Fact Sheet

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

Dystonias fact sheet from NIH/NINDS

Dystonic reactions. G Nochimson MD

Erectile function and dysfunction. G Jordan MD. (not PD specific)

Ernie Randolfi's stress management page (not PD-specific)

Evaluation and treatment of orthostatic hypotension. J Engstrom MD & M Aminoff MD

Evaluation of sleep disorders in nursing facilities. G Cramer et al. (not PD-specific)

Excessive sweating. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Facial masking.

Fatigue and sleepiness in Parkinson's disease. P Nausieda MD


Gait disturbances.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease: a common condition in the elderly. C Middlemiss MSN, RN. (not PD-specific)

Handwriting in Parkinsonism. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Impotence in Parkinson's disease. A Lieberman MD (NPF)

Irritable bladders. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Motor fluctuations: On, off and dyskinesias. J Hutton MD PhD

National Sleep Foundation

Nutrition and swallowing In Parkinson's disease. J Schwantz MS

Pakinsonian speech. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Parkinson bowel hygiene program. APDA

Parkinsons and Stress

Parkinson's disease and acid reflux. K Holden MS RD

Parkinson's disease and sleep disorders. PharmInfoNet

Parkinson's disease and sleep. S Chokroverty MD

Parkinson's disease and the eye. Dr M Emig

Parkinson's disease and urinary symptoms. J Morton MD

Parkinson's disease update. Part II: neuropsychiatric aspects. D Masterman MD & J Cummings MD

Parkinson's disease: treating foot cramps. PharmInfoNet

Preventing falls.

Protocol for prevention of constipation. anon

Restless leg syndrome. D Silver MD

Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation Home Page

Restless legs syndrome. J Winkelmann MD

Restless legs syndrome: diagnosis and treatment. W Hening MD, PhD

Safety issues: modifying the home.

Seborrhea. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Seeing, Hearing & Smelling in the World

Sexual dysfunction. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Sexuality and gender issues in PD. S Imke RN, MN, FNP; M Seidman PhD; S Loftus MSN, CRRN, RN

Sleep Attacks: Sudden Episodes of Falling Asleep. A Lieberman MD

Sleep difficulties.

Sleep Disorders Information - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Home Pages: Brain Information Service

Sleep Medicine Home Page

Sleep Well



SleepNet - Sleep Disorders

Social anxiety.

Speaking out. NPF on-line booklet. S Countryman, MA

Speech and swallowing issues in Parkinson's disease. E Carden MS


Speech, language. Parkinson Foundation of Canada

Speech-gesture dissynchrony in PD. M Brandabur MD

StepOver Wand. For freezing. Created by Lisa Greenstadt, PD patient

Strategies to help overcome the freezing experience. R Wichmann RPT

S tress: it's worse than you think." Psychology Today article (not PD-spcific)

Swallowing Problems That May Be Experienced by People Suffering From Dementia

Swallowing. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Swelling of the feet. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Tardive dyskinesia. J Brasic MD & B Bronson MD

Therapeutic Approaches to GI Dysmotility in Elderly Patients. (American Society of Consultant Pharmacists)

Treating delirium: a quick reference guide for psychiatrists (APA)

Treatment of depression in the patient with Parkinson's disease. T Chow MD & J Cummings MD

Treatment of the Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia

Trouble walking. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.

Visual disturbances in Parkinson's disease. J Hutton MD PhD & J Morris MA

Visual problems. From Parkinson's disease by R Duvoisin and J Sage.



When it's hard to swallow. V Mujica MD & J Conklin MD. (not PD specific)

Why patients with Parkinson's disease fall. J Aita MD

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