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A special diet for Parkinson's disease. Univ. of Cincinnati/APDA
Dietary factors in the management of Parkinson's disease. P Kempster MD & M Wahlqvist MD
Nutrition matters. NPF on-line booklet. K Holden MS,RD
Nutrition. J Carter RN, MN, ANP
Nutritional considerations of Parkinson's disease (NPF). J Pincus MD
Nutritional guidelines for Parkinson's patients. APDA
Ocular motility in Parkinson's disease. M Repka MD
Office of Dietary Supplements (NIH)
On-line calculator of dietary protein requirements
Protein and fat contents of 1000 different foods
Resolving nutritional challenges of the patient With Parkinson's Disease. R Gibbons MS RD LN

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